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A new device (about the size of a Visa logo on a credit card and weighing only 5.2 grams) called ELI, is one of the most interesting and potentially useful devices recently encountered. For hearing aid users ELI plugs into the DAI (direct audio input) boot of a behind-the-ear hearing aid or an adapted neck loop and receives Bluetooth audio transmissions from other Bluetooth enabled devices. Perhaps most significantly, with a Bluetooth-enabled digital cell phone, ELI can be used as a wireless, hands-free head set (there is a small microphone on the end of it) and have a conversations while wearing your hearing aid without having to use the telecoil. ELI boasts that the device "will solve virtually all of the problems that hearing aid wearers typically encounter with telephones, including acoustic feedback, insufficient volume, noise from other electrical sources and digital cell phone interference."

While facilitating cell phone for hard of hearing people is important, one can also use ELI to listen to music or audio books from a PDA, computer or other Bluetooth device.
Bluetooth allows for close-range, wireless audio transmission. Because the signal is digital, Bluetooth devices are not subject to signal degradation that can occur with FM or inductive transmission. The ELI unit comes with a charger for its rechargeable lithium-ion-polymer battery. For more information and to see pictures of the device, visit their website below) At the 2005 summer SHHH Convention, the unit was being sold for $299. If you are interested in purchasing an ELI unit, contact your local hearing instrument professional.


CapTel: A Captioned Telephone CapTel comes to CT. For the first time- HOH people can use a telephore (hear) and see on a screen, almost at the same moment, the printed text of the conversation! Learn all about CapTel by visiting their website below.

CT Relay is responsible for TTT, VideoPhones, CapTels etc in CT. Click here to find out more.


By clicking here- you will go directly to the Eli website.

By clicking here you will go directly to the application page for a CapTel here in Connecticut. Download, fill in and mail in.

By clicking here you will go directly to the website for info on the CapTel phone