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Our purpose

CT Chapters of HLAA
successful use of hearing aids
Hearing Loss Info: A thru Z
New technology
Our purpose
Captioned Films / Plays in CT
Learning About Hearing Aids
List of PREMIUM hearing aids
Assistive Devices and more


SHHH is the nation's voice for people with hearing loss. Our members include people with hearing loss, their families and friends, and caring professionals.

The SHHH mission is to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss through information, advocacy, education and support.


Better access to affordable hearing aids, cochlear implants and other technology for all who can benefit.
Telephones designed to work with hearing aids and cochlear implants

Assistive technology and programs complying with disability rights laws and providing accessibility in public and private facilities, workplaces, and state and local governments.

More captioned movies in neighborhood theaters.

Improve quality of captioned TV and meeting FCC
captioning regulations timetable.

Strengthen federal requirements for accessible air
travel including appropriate screening procedures

Roll-out nationwide a captioned telephone service.

Improve access to and the effectiveness of hearing
health services.

Increase grant funding for the training of more

Enhance funding for infant hearing screening programs
and follow-up care.

Strengthen standards for visual and audible fire alarms

There are three chapters in Connecticut